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PLB Transportable Homes

The concept behind the PLB Axis Designer Transportable Home developed from turning the traditional standard layout of a house inside-out.

We’ve taken the single purpose void space, occupied as a circulation hallway, from the centre of the house, and transformed this into an axial services/storage core which runs through the centre of the home.

The living and bedroom spaces then radiate off each side of this core axis, creating dual-purpose functional rooms and circulation routes throughout the house.

The use of sliding walls also serves to open up space, and create multi-purpose zones adaptable to the home owners specific mode of living.

Extensive decked areas accessed from large sliding doors around the house create outdoor spaces as extensions of internal rooms, and can be added to as required, depending on the final site-specific context.

The open plan, more public living space opens out to the landscape with the use of extensive glazing and clerestory windows, while the more private bedrooms are ‘contained’ both physically and aesthetically.

The extensive use of timber product in the construction of the house complements the passive heating, lighting, and ventilation principles, to create a contemporary home with environmentally sustainable appeal.

The Axis Designer Transportable Home – a design statement both internally and externally, ready to deliver the next generation of architecture into the future of residential design.

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