Top 20 new home features

Building a new home is the perfect time to get the features you want!

Master bedroom in luxury home


Have you covered everything?

We’ve got a list of 20 top features to get you started for a comfortable home:

  1. High insulation, low energy

    • Above-code wall and ceiling insulation
    • Energy efficient windows
    • LED lighting
    • Costs less to run


  2. Home office or study area

    • Work from home
    • Wired for high speed internet


  3. Veranda or covered outdoor area

    • All weather use
    • Space for hammocks
    • Ceiling fan
    • Exterior power outlets
    • Outdoor dining


  4. Ensuite bathroom

    • Over-size tiled shower 1.2 x 1 m  minimum
    • Spa bath


  5. Media room

    • Games
    • Movies


  6. Low maintenance building materials for easy living

    • Long lasting
    • Easy to clean
    • Durable


  7. Noise reduction insulation

    • Between bedrooms and living rooms
    • Around bathrooms and toilets


  8. Internal access garage with plenty of storage space

    • Built-in storage
    • Space for workbench and tools
    • Space for bikes, lawn mower & outdoor equipment


  9. Paved patio area

    • Out-door living area
    • Landscaping feature


  10. Covered out-door kitchen

    • All weather use
    • Permanent BBQ kitchen with sink and bench top
    • Under-bench beer fridge
    • Pizza oven


  11. High ceilings

    • High or raking ceiling to the living & dining areas
    • Increased sense of space and volume


  12. Huge windows or sliding doors

    • Huge wide windows for maximising views
    • Big sliding doors for indoor – outdoor flow
    • Double glazed


  13. Heat recovery ventilation

    • Ducted heat recovery ventilation to reduce heat loss
    • Keep flies and insects out
    • Climate control


  14. Heat pump hot water system

    • Energy efficient hot water


  15. Universal design

    • Wide hallways
    • Wide doors 810 minimum
    • Wheelchair accessible kitchen & bathroom
    • Step-less entry


  16. Home security

    • Integrated alarm system
    • Wired for CCTV
    • Privacy


  17. Floor insulation

    • Slab-edge insulation to reduce heat loss
    • Under-floor insulation for comfort


  18. Storage

    • Plenty of storage cupboards
    • Box storage


  19. Space for desks in all bedrooms

    • Homework & study
    • Computers


  20. Quality over  quantity

      • Reduce wasted floor space

    • Multi-purpose areas which serve a variety of functions
    • Reduced build cost or have better features like high insulation and low energy for long term savings


Your top new home features

For quality homes custom designed to your requirements, let us know your wishlist of new home features.

Luxury bedroom

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