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Department of Building and Housing Starter Home

The Department of Building and Housing Starter Home Design Competition winning entry by Stephen Smith of S3 Architects Limited was today opened for public viewing.

Show Home

Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson opened The Simple House in Preston Road, Otara. The Simple House will be open for public viewing for two weeks before being returned to Housing New Zealand.

The Simple House Acceptable Solution

The house design competition was designed to promote The Simple House Acceptable Solution and demonstrate what can be achieved within the criteria of the acceptable solution.

The Simple House Acceptable Solution is design guide for single storey homes using limited roof spans and a limited range of cladding materials to promote simplicity using proven methods of construction to help make new homes more affordable for first home buyers.

The key criteria for home design:

  • Maximum of 120 square metres of habitable floor area
  • Maximum cost of $1,400 per square metre
  • Structural strength and durability for the majority of locations in New Zealand
  • Finishes that reflected the requirements for durability and low maintenance
  • Designs that allowed for changing family needs over time through adaptability and the incorporation of lifetime features such as wide doorways and easy access
  • Designs incorporating energy efficiency, water efficiency, material efficiency, and waste minimisation, and low ongoing operational costs