Metra Panel

Metra Panel supplies pre-cut houses to builders throughout New Zealand.

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Metra Panel

There’s no going back.

Because builders spend less time on site for each job, this means a greatly reduced labour cost. One of the first franchisees to start building with Metra, Huntly builder Philip Leather’s PLB Construction, chose to do so because this speed of construction meant he could undercut competition and build up to twice as many houses each year.

Philip says that “New Zealand’s frame construction system is on the way out. In the US, new residential buildings are using panelised systems. Panelised housing is the way of the future.”

Building the future.

The building industry is in a stronger position with the arrival of Metra panel. Now customer promises can be kept – about time to completion, about cost control and about superior standards of manufacturing and construction quality.

Metra panel represents the shake up we’ve all been waiting for. An end to compromise – for you and your customers. The beginning of greater building efficiency and ongoing superior performance.

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Build your competitive advantage.

Historically, building a new home has been a stressful experience with the possibility of bad weather causing delays and costs spiralling out of control. But put yourself in a situation where you can provide a firm schedule and a superior end result .…the only outcome would be more business, more satisfied clients to refer you to their associates and more productive days in every year.

  • Children and pets would find it almost impossible to damage a Metra wall.
  • This improved impact resistance also means resale value is protected, because a Metra building retains its as-new appearance for longer.
  • A much shorter wait before move-in day.
  • Mush easier for you to guarantee delivery dates
  • Less time spent by them paying for alternative accommodation.
  • Reduced financing costs as buildings begin paying for themselves sooner.
  • The building they want at the right price.
  • A firm price that’s easy to stand by, and that won’t creep up.

Metra is your opportunity to rapidly update an industry that has hardly changed since the advent of plaster board in 1925. It’s time to move ahead.

Approximately 250 homes are built every year with Metra Panel.

Metra is a BRANZ Appraised building system using engineered wood panel for residential construction. The system has been in place since 1994 and meets or exceeds all requirements of the NZS 3604 Building Code, and has been independently tested by the Building Research Association of New Zealand to stay durable and fit for purpose for more than 50 years.


About Metra Panel

Metra Panel supplies pre-cut walls panels and ceiling panels to the building industry and licensed Metra builders throughout New Zealand. Based in Waikato, Metra Panel’s factory is located within two hours drive of more than 2/3rds of New Zealand’s population.

The Metra system of panellised wall and ceilings replaces timber frame and plaster board linings. The benefits of Metra came about through their research and development team taking a fresh look at the building process. Solid wood panels are used to form walls and ceilings. Because there is less jointing than would be found under timber framing and plasterboard systems, the homeowner gets the advantage of smooth, strong walls.

Metra Panel helps you maximise the available floor-space in your home. The Metra interior and exterior wall and ceiling system uses two solid core moisture resistant boards, a 36mm fine-surface particle board for walls and a 25mm fine-surface particle board for ceilings. By utilising Metra, you can offer your customers up to 6% more space than by using traditional timber framed construction methods. Panels are provided already precut to desired specifications and installed in place using specialised handling equipment.

At a density of around 650 kg/m3, Metra also has superb impact resistance properties. Because panels are supplied in sheets of up to 7.3m long and 2.4m high, there is less need for jointing. Metra panels are used to create the interior surface as well as the structural and bracing elements of buildings and offers walls and ceilings that are exceptionally smooth and strong. These panels offer real advantages in terms of durability and finish – all at a very competitive cost.


Engineered strength

Metra wall panels are made from engineered wood flakes. Using heat and compression, the fibre is bonded with a melamine reinforced resin adhesive, to give it extra strength and water resistance.

Assured quality

The even density of Metra panels allow them to be precisely machined. Because they have no grain direction and no knots, they can be glued, nailed and screwed with confidence, holding fast under a range of conditions. Every stage of the Metra panel manufacturing process is subject to rigid ISO 9002 quality control, with panels thoroughly tested before they leave the production line.

Impact resistant

You won’t need to pussyfoot around with Metra. It’s virtually impervious to ordinary wear and tear. This means the scrapes and bangs of everyday life are unlikely to damage its smooth good looks.

Quick to build

Metra panels arrive on site pre-cut to exact specifications. For an average sized house, they usually take just one day to position and secure – in any weather. There’s little need for wall bracing, because every panel is a bracing element.

In addition, Metra panel is pre-primed to ensure it stays fully waterproof. If it rains, we work on the inside. There’s no time wasted waiting for things to dry. Once stand-up is achieved, and all the walls and ceilings are in place – there’s nothing getting in the way of completion. Once the floor is down, a Metra building is completed 30-50% faster than by normal methods.

Environmentally responsible

Metra panels are manufactured only from trees grown in New Zealand’s renewable plantation pine forests. Further, Metra is made by recycling the wood residuals produced as byproducts from other timber industries. Metra offers an environmentally conscious solution.

A competitive price

A building which takes less time to complete will logically cost less. Labour charges will be lower and the stopping cost will be minimal. Also, you won’t have to pad your quote to allow for bad weather days. You can continue building rain or shine with Metra.

In-built safety and insulation

Metra can provide a range of specially designed fire rated walls. These walls have been independently tested by the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) and shown to resist fire for up to 60 minutes.

The ability to insulate against noise is another important property of the Metra construction system. Metra panel can be customised to offer a range of solutions to provide the level of sound insulation you require. Ask about Metra’s improved soundproofing system for rooms or situations that demand extra noise control.

From start to finish

1. Sub floor is laid, either concrete or wood.

2. Steel angle hold down wall brackets are set and fixed to the subfloor.

3. Metra components are delivered to site. The walls are erected by the franchisee builder, using Metra’s specialised handling equipment.

4. Ceilings are positioned and secured to the standing walls.

5. The trusses are fixed to the ceiling. The hips, valleys and ridges of the roof structure are installed. Fascia board and spouting are added.

6. Vertical wall battens are fastened to the exterior walls.

7. The plumbing, electric fit-out, and insulation is installed.

8. Building wrap is applied to exterior walls.

9. Windows, window flashing and external doors are installed.

10. Roofing is applied – tiles or iron.

11. Exterior cladding material is fitted – timber panelling, brick, masonry.

12. The franchisee builder finishes the home – internal doors, skirting, kitchen units and bathroom fittings.

Wall fixing

Steel angle hold down brackets are ramsetted to the concrete floor, or walls skew nailed direct to wooden floors. Corners are either mitred and glued or rebate joined, glued and nailed

Ceiling fixing

Ceilings are positioned edge to edge with adhesive and continuously metal strapped above the joints. Steel brackets are screwed to fix the trusses to the ceiling from above the ceiling.


Window and door opening lintels are provided. They’re made of Metra panel and timber, or Metra panel with a steel flitch.

Everything comes together

The Metra building system integrates easily with the other services and materials.

Plumbing: In a Metra building, plumbing systems fit into the cavity between the Metra panel and the external cladding. For internal plumbing, plumbing compartments are created in the back of cupboards, or within purpose made cavities.


Outlets and switches can be placed virtually wherever they are required. Electricians can easily drill or route through Metra panel edge or faces if necessary.


Metra is fixed into a continuous metal angle to the floor and screwed. The panels work with almost any flooring system – concrete, particleboard or timber.


Metra supports all usual cladding systems – masonry, timber panelling, or brick.

Metra’s versatility.

The benefits of Metra – greater cost-efficiency, speed of assembly, more usable space, and enhanced impact strength – are benefits relevant to every building sector in New Zealand. The Metra system is clearly an advantageous choice.

Residential housing

Metra gives architects enormous scope, because doors and windows can be placed anywhere. For home owners, Metra means more house for their money and a smoother, quicker journey to ‘move-in’ day.

Retirement housing

The cost effectiveness of the Metra system is very appealing to developers – and savings can be expected to increase with economies of scale and standardised designs. The durability and space-efficiency of Metra are also important benefits for investors. Metra makes it possible to build quality into the tightest budgets.


School life is tough on buildings, so buildings need to be tough. Choosing Metra will instantly cut future maintenance expenses. It will also allow new facilities to be erected quickly, so that classes aren’t disrupted. Metra can be made to easily meet the fire safety standards required of public buildings.


Fire safety, insulation and noise reduction are important issues for the health sector, so Metra is an obvious choice here too. Walls that are bumped every day by beds, wheelchairs and other equipment need the impact-resistance that Metra can provide.

Hotels and motels

Making the most of every square meter is important for developers working in the hospitality sector. Metra maximises floor space. It also brings the grand opening closer, so that buildings can begin to pay for themselves much sooner.

House Plans

For more information about Metra house plans, call our freephone 0800 156 100.
Alternatively you can contact the following Metra builders located throughout New Zealand.

Metra Panel


PLB Construction

Phone: 07 828 9285

Homes By Legacy

Phone: 09 912 6775

Maxim Construction

Phone: 021849 756 or 021 391 114


PLB Construction

Phone: 07 828 9285

Maxim Construction

Phone: 021849 756 or 021 391 114

Holah Homes

Phone: 07 8557811

WD Davenport & Co

Phone: 07 889 7951

Bruce Downing Builders

Phone: 027 2947025

McGregor Construction

Phone: 07 883 7424

IKON Homes

Phone: 0800 456 646 or 0274 456 646”

Bay of Plenty

Maxim Construction

Phone: 021849 756 or 021 391 114

Windermere Developments

Phone: 0274 976 036

East Coast

Maxim Construction

Phone: 021849 756 or 021 391 114

Maxwood Homes

Phone: 04 233 6277 or 021 659 982


Central Homes

Phone: 06 322 1860


Homes By Legacy

Phone: 09 912 6775

Maxwood Homes

Phone: 04 233 6277 or 021 659 982

Central Homes

Phone: 06 322 1860

Nelson & Marlborough

Maxwood Homes

Phone: 04 233 6277 or 021 659 982


Fusion Homes

94 Bridle Path Road, Heathcote Valley
Phone: 0800 238 746 , 021 02232621

Maxim Homes

Phone: 03 308 2948

Homes By Legacy

Phone: 09 912 6775

Office and factory

Metra Panel

Metrapanel Limited
15 Tregoweth Lane, Huntly
Phone : 0800 156 100

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