Low cost modern house plan

Want a low cost, affordable, modern design home? Something that looks great and has all the features expected in a modern new home for a family of two adults and up to four children.  

Built with quality materials, a spacious, comfortable family home with all the features you expect;

  • 3 bedrooms
  • Home office or 4th bedroom
  • Open plan living – kitchen – dining
  • High raking ceilings to the main living area
  • Study area for computer desk
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Internal entry garage
  • Plenty of storage
  • High insulation, low energy design
  • LED lighting
  • Large north facing glazing to maximize free warmth from the sun

There will be two versions, one as a stand alone house with no garage – to make it more affordable to start.  The second version will include an attached internal entry garage. The real challenge is to make affordable housing that looks good and really does cost significantly less to build.

It takes a lot of work to make a low cost home design that looks good and at the same time is elegant and easy to build.

Symmetry floor plan with double garage

Symmetry floor plan with double garage

Symmetry  floor plan

Symmetry floor plan

To make the house cost less to build than ordinary homes of a similar size, we will;

  • Keep the shape simple and rectangular.
  • Group the bathroom, ensuite and kitchen together to reduce plumbing and electrical costs
  • Keep the amount of walls to the minimum by having an open plan design and eliminating hallways
  • Eliminate glazing from the west and east sides of the house
  • Standardize the window sizes
  • Make the plans reversible and symmetrical

This design, ‘Symmetry’  is flexible – it can be flipped horizontally or vertically to best fit the site and orient the main living rooms facing to the north direction for maximum sun or best views.

The optional garage module can be attached with internal access or the garage can be left off the initial build and added later as finances permit. The garage module contains not only space for two cars, it includes a spacious entry, a coat closet, a small storage room, generous storage space in the garage, and a laundry space with bench top, inset tub and space for side by side under-bench washing machine and drier.  A  sliding door provides a wide opening for easy access to the outdoors.

If the garage module is left off for later construction, then the laundry will need to be temporarily located within the house.  The space at the left end of the kitchen serves a European style concealed laundry.  The cupboard space is wide enough and deep enough (1200 x 700 mm) to accommodate side by side appliances or stacking appliances with space for a tub.

To reduce costs, the kitchen, bathroom and ensuite are all located together to form a condensed plumbing hub.  Short piping runs reduce cost and waste less hot water.

The bathroom and ensuite have fully tiled walls and generous 1200 x 1000 mm showers.

The kitchen is huge with central walk-in pantry, side by side ovens, space for side by side double door fridge freezer 700mm deep, heat pump water heating and HRV heat recovery ventilation unit.

The kitchen island at 5m long has ample room for appliances and food preparation.

Feel free to comment below and put forward your suggestions.

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