House Plans

House plans for sales and marketing need to have clear floor plan illustrations with all the construction dimensions and text removed except for room labels and sizes. If you want your house plans to stand out then you need colour floor plans.

House Plans

House Plans New Zealand

House Plans New Zealand can supply presentation house plans at low prices. Click the house plan image to see the detail we can provide for printing.

House Plan Prices

Typical colour presentation house plans are $200.00 for a single house plan as shown above.

How to Order Presentation House Plans

Send your house plan inquiries and orders to:

House Plans New Zealand

Customise plans to meet your exact requirements. Move a wall, make a room bigger or make changes to the design to suit your building site. You will get personal service and free estimates.

Phone 021 2223656

NZ House Designs & Floor Plans

House designs shown are designed for New Zealand conditions by Architects and Designers. NZ Builders plans and house designs are offered by new home builders. Architects, Designers and House Builders home designs and floor plans are protected by copyright. Unauthorised use prohibited.

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