House Designs

An architectural rendering allows you to clearly see custom house plans at the design stage before a single dollar is spent on construction.

House Designs

Exterior House Renderings

Once your floor plans are drawn, it is easy to create a 3D model and then render it to visualise your design. Alternative options, materials and colors can be tried and presented to clients before committing to final specifications. House rendering has become a popular way of getting a snapshot view of the home before it is built so new home buyers can visualise their home and have confidence about how it will look.
House Designs

House Designs

Interior Rendering

Interior renderings help show off design features that may be hard to visualize from 2D floor plans.

House Designs

House Designs

Custom House Plans & House Renderings

3D house renderings and 2D house plans together are an effective way to visualise your house designs before construction starts. We highly recommend you invest in a rendering before your building consent drawings are started. For spec home builders, we recommend you also create 2D colour floor plans to use in brochures or sales material. Home buyers can visualise the layout of the house plans and see possible furniture placement options.

An advantage of house rendering is the ability to use realistic textures and material images for the house rendering. Its crucial that you get full value of every construction dollar you spend, and house rendering allows you to visualise the house and explore different options with minimal cost We can create multiple versions using different materials and colors to the owners preferences whether for a new construction or addition to an existing home.

$250.00 House Renderings

Exterior house renderings start from $250.00 with landscaping as shown above.
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Common styles and features of New Zealand house designs

Roof types

Gable roof

This is a double sloping roof with a ridge forming a triangle at each end. Generally these sections are uniform in slope and meet in a ridge.

House Designs

Gable roof - characterised by a triangular section at the end of a pitched roof

House Designs

Hip roof

Hip roofs are sloped in all four directions. The Hip is considered to be the angle where two sides meet. This roof is very common amongst many design styles.

House Designs

Hip roof - characterised by the roof having sloping ends as well as sloping sides

House Designs

Flat roof

A flat roof is a horizontal or almost horizontal roof constructed of materials that allow water to run off easily from a low inclination angle to prevent pooling.

House Designs

Flat roof - characterised by a horizontal parapet or roof slope less than 10 degrees

House Designs

Mono pitch roof

Mono pitch roofs have a single slope or multiple slopes that do not meet at a ridge. Also know as a shed roof, a lean-to roof or a flintstone roof.

House Designs

Mono pitch roof - characterised by a planar roof with no hips, ridges, valleys, or gable

House Designs

House Types

Detached house

A detached house is a single, free-standing residential house. These are generally single family homes surrounded by a yard on all sides.


A duplex is two homes joined together designed as a dwelling for two families with two separate entrances. A duplex is usually constructed side by side with a common fire rated and sound rated inter tenancy wall between.

Terraced house

Terraced housing is aligned in juxtaposition sharing fire and sound rated inter tenancy side walls. Terraced houses are usually 2 or 3 storeys high and most often found in high density areas inside city limits.

Split level

A split level home is characterized by a set of stairs to attach one section of the house to the other. Generally the lower level incorporates a garage level with the driveway. Split level homes are commonly designed to fit sloping sections.

House Designs & Architectural Styles


Bungalows can typically be identified by their single story and spacious design. The use of a veranda, or large, open yet covered porch, is another significant identifying feature.

Californian Bungalow

California bungalows are almost always single story. Usually equipped with large pillars supporting a veranda. Often this is complemented with a brick chimney on a low pitch roof and tied together with a gable.


The craftsman is a modern version of the Californian bungalow. An elegant, sturdy structure built using a large variety of materials and decorative features. The roof is low pitched, and gabled with a porch under the projection of the roof.

House Designs

Craftsman House Design

Bay Villa

Bay villas are extravagantly designed 3-4 bedroom homes with at least one bay window at the front of the house with a gable roof above. Bay villas have high ceilings and a front veranda often decorated with detailed fretwork.

House Designs

The Bay Villa was one of New Zealand's most popular house designs of the early 1900's


A cottage is a small modest home. Cottages are designed to be cozy and will usually have a simple rectangular shape.


The Bach is a basic structure built for holiday accommodation. They are typically constructed of local, inexpensive materials and have a mono pitch roof.


Colonial style refers to many styles of homes built during that period. They are known for being symmetrical with slimmer side windows on either side of the door. Usually a pair of chimneys will accent these homes.


Victorian homes are another style of home named for the period of time in which the style began. They will have steep roofs with textured shingles and a partial asymmetrical porch.

Art Deco

Art Deco designs have stucco walls and stylized facades. The style originated in the nineteen twenties and the houses are known for their geometric vertical design.


A contemporary home will generally have over-sized windows and modern shapes. Contemporary style houses are modern and constructed of modern materials.

Town House

The Town House style of architecture describes a row of very similar or identical houses immediately adjacent to each other. They typically share interior walls.


Commonly recognized for its lancet, or pointed arch, the English style of architecture is very elegant. Easily recognizable by its lack of massive pillars and use of groups of smaller shafts around a central pillar.


Features found on a Tudor style home are quite distinctive. Stone and brick construction, exposed timbers, and steep cross gables are used in this type of house.


Spanish-style homes are marked by their prodigious use of stucco, chimneys, and tile roofs. The interiors of these homes feature arched passageways and exposed beams.


Mediterranean-style architecture features multi-story, massive design with symmetrical facades. Typically these structures have a rectangular floor-plan, low pitched roofs, and stuccoed walls and are accented around the doors.


The Ranch-style home originated in the US and was first seen in 1920’s. Unique styles of the architecture are single story, low profile, and easily adaptable floor plans.


Modern architecture refers to the absence of historical forms or styles. Most often these homes are unadorned with decoration, and are almost mechanical in their aesthetics.

Modern traditional

Modern traditional design is an updated version of ranch style houses from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Typically built with brick walls and a hip or gable tiled roof.


This style is molded from modern materials: steel, concrete, and glass. These houses are often dramatic, with smooth façades and ground to ceiling plate glass windows.


Italian-style architecture can be classified by the low pitched or flat, often hipped, roof. Generally it will consist of angled bay windows and glazed doors. Attics with a row of windows between the eave brackets are a notable characteristic.


Usually constructed using a heavy timber frame of logs, vertically aligned on a sill the French-style will generally have a raised basement and exterior stairs, leading to a full-length porch on the front façade.

House Plans New Zealand

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NZ House Designs & Floor Plans

House designs shown are designed for New Zealand conditions by Architects and Designers. NZ Builders plans and house designs are offered by new home builders. Architects, Designers and House Builders home designs and floor plans are protected by copyright. Unauthorised use prohibited.

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